What Happens When You Receive a DUI

If you have ever been stopped for drunk driving, you know that the consequences for your actions can be very severe. The fines for drinking and driving are extremely high and there are often surcharges that are tacked on by the court system. In order to try to protect your rights when you receive this type of ticket, you should contact a DUI attorney to represent you in court. They will try to get the charges reduced for you depending on whether or not you have any prior convictions.

Hiring an Attorney for Your DUI

The attorneys who specialize in this field of law are very aware of what the results of receiving a DUI ticket are. They understand how the court system works and whether or not they will be able to have the ticket closed or reduced. They can also work to get the fine lowered as well as any other stipulations the court has put upon you. In North Carolina, you can look on the internet or in your phone book under something like dui attorney roanoke rapids nc to find a lawyer who can take on your case. They will review your ticket and go over your driving record with you and tell you whether the ticket can be lowered to a lesser charge. He will attend any court hearings you may have and will guide you through the process. Your attorney will discuss the matter with the prosecuting attorney to see if there are any possibilities to have it reduced. If they come to an agreement, the prosecutor will present it to the judge for him to rule on.

Fines Are Not the Only DUI Penalty

Many states are now instituting additional stipulations in all DUI cases. This may include a device which is placed on your vehicle that will tell authorities whether or not you have been drinking. The device will have you blow into a special tube prior to starting and if there is a trace of alcohol on your breath, it will stop the car from starting. These devices have been found to be very effective in stopping DUI’s. The problem with the device is that it is only installed on your private vehicle and will not stop you from drinking and driving another car. The cost that comes from installing these devices is also charged back to the defendant. Insurance companies have also mandated additional fees on their clients who have had a DUI conviction. These fees can be very steep and will remain on your record for years.

Getting A DUI is never a good thing but, with the help of a good attorney, you may be able to avoid some of these additional charges and stipulations. However, your attorney will tell you that if you have had prior convictions for the same crime, your chances of getting a reduction is almost impossible. Drinking and driving is never a good thing for you to do and it is best to call a cab if you are drinking.